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Frequently asked questions

 Our goal is to make your visit to our office a pleasant and comfortable one.  Our staff is always available to answer your questions and help you through the registration process.

The followings are common questions you might ask before your first visit.
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    What do I need to bring on my first visit?


    Bring: Insurance card(s), ID, and referral authorization if required, also your co-payment. List of current medication including dosage. Any pertinent medical reports and lab results, including blood work, MRI, CT Scans, EEG reports. School reports and teacher evaluation forms if needed. Completely filled Registration forms and patient history form you have downloaded from our web site
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    What to expect in the first visit?


    You would be asked to complete signed registration and medical history form. Your doctor may need to order lab tests in order to determine the cause of your child's illness. The office will provide you with a list of recommended testing facilities, it is your responsibilities, however, to make sure the facility you choose is within your insurance covered network and you are responsible to ensure proper pre-authorization is obtained and schedule the appointment with the facility.
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    What if I can't keep the appointment?


    You should try your best to keep your appointment. If you cannot make it, you must contact our office at least 24 hours prior your scheduled visit. This courtesy allows us to be of service to other patients who are in need of care. We reserve our right to charge you a service fee for no show. If there are two or more no show, your may be asked to find another provider other than our office.
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    What if I need a report sent to me?


    Our office requires that you bring a stamped self-addressed size-10 envelope on your visit if you would like to have our report mailed to you. Alternatively, you would need to pick up the report at our office personally when ready.
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    What insurance do you take?


    We accept most commercial insurance and certain Mediaid policy, please confirm with our staff if your insurance is accepted at our office when you make the appointment.

Financial Policy

Thank you for choosing Dr. Woo as your healthcare provider. We are committed for providing the highest quality medical care possible to your child with neurological issues. Please understand that payment of your bill is your responsibility as patients and guarantors. The following statement explains our Financial Policy. Please read carefully, you will be asked to sign a finacial policy form to certify your acknowledgement. This form can be downloaded from our patient portal  if you register on the site.


Co-payment/Co-insurance is required at time of service. 


Please keep in mind that ALL medical service charges remain the responsibility of the patient/guarantor/legal guardian and that not all medical costs are covered by insurance. We require that the patient/guarantor, the person who is financially responsible, to be personally liable to all balance not covered by insurance. It is also the responsibility of the patient/guarantor/legal guardian to understand and comply with any predetermination of benefits or referral requirements. 
Therefore, we encourage ALL patients/patients' representatives to review their medical benefits and communicate directly with their insurance provider if there is any question regarding their insurance policies. 
Some insurance providers require that the medical office visit be pre-authorized by the primary care doctor. If this is the case, please make sure all referral documentation or referral paper is ready in your hand BEFORE your visit. Some primary care physicians require 48-72 hrs notice from you before referrals are released. A lack of proper referral may lead to cancellation and rescheduling of your appointment. 

Missed Appointment

Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you. We realize that unforseeable circumstances befall us all occasionally, however, to avoid a missed appointment charge, we require that you give us 24 hour notice if you need to have your appointment cancelled.
Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you. We realize that unforseeable circumstances befall us all occasionally, however, to avoid a missed appointment charge, we require that you give us 24 hour notice if you need to have your appointment cancelled.

Past Due Accounts

Overdue accounts will be referred to a collection agency. Legal and administration fees that we pay to secure past due accounts will be added to your account. If the account is over 90 days overdue, a 30% fee will be assessed. 

Returned Checks

For checks returned to us unpaid by your bank, we will charge a $30.00 fee.

Co-Pay / Co-Insurance Balances

Payment for co-pays is expected at the time of service. If co-pay balance is not paid on date of service, a $10 fee will be charged to your account. This fee is not covered by insurance, so it will be your responsibility. 

Accepted Payment Options

Cash, personal checks and most major credit cards except American Express. At this time, we do not accept debit cards or bank cards.
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